Sammuel Freeman
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WOW! There simply are not superlatives to describe how fantastic my tours were with Chebastour, especially with Sebastian as my guide. We went many places, including to the Swing at the End of the World--actually, there are 2; and I did both. I also walked the suspension bridge, and took the canopy ride across Rio Verde. Of course, Sebastian took me to the magnificent Rio Verde waterfall. I could not have asked for a better guide for these activities. He was gracious, accommodating. We moved at my pace--one of the advantages of not being in a large group. We stopped at numerous interesting places and he explained everything to me--details of culture, geography, history, the local economy. We went to a candy factory and had a native fruit juice at a cafe on a bluff overlooking Baños. Gorgeous view. Everything was fantastic. Not one single negative in the 2 days we were together. Lastly, I went paragliding. There were 9 of us on the bus, and it was fantastic. The ride up the mountain was very interesting within itself. But sailing around for about 15 minutes--well, some of the others in the group said it was the exhilarating thing the ever had done. Exhilarating does not begin to describe it. Again, a great guide who was very attentive to us and helped the pilots ensure we were in our harness correctly and securely. Overall, one of the best, possibly the best tour experience I ever had.